Rose Gold Luxor Flexi Stirrups


We have been away working on our stirrups and the coating on these is phenomenal they have passed every scratch test and the coating is a million times improved. We are so excited to share them with you!! More pictures and video of the scratch test on social media soon.
4.75” inch stirrups adult standard size.
BD / BS legal.
The look of a traditional stirrup with a Luxeequine rose gold twist!
Flexi are safer than your standard stirrup as it is easier for your ankle to get free in the event of a fall. They are also proven to be far better for the knee’s and joints and this is why they are favoured by some riders. Our flexi is in a NEW and unique patented design.
Extra grip tread.
Pic soon as these are a new innovation so look slightly different to our previous Flexi.

We hope to have back in stock soon.

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