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Spurs and Straps

Rose Gold Spurs



Our rose gold spurs are back and better than ever!!! The coating is phenomenal you will be amazed at how hard wearing these are for a coated product (no rose gold metal exists in a pure format so all rose gold products are a coating.)

This is by far our strongest rose gold yet and has passed numerous scratch tests woo hoo! We have been working on this for over a year to find the best coating possible.

Our spurs come in two sizes and come with a complimentary set of spurs straps with a rose gold buckle. There is nothing more annoying than not being able to find matching straps and we have not found any on the market as nice as these. Or as good of a match to the spurs themselves. Also this is a smaller spur end with a ball shape as lots of the other spurs on the market are the longer type and not everybody wants such a long spur.

Our spurs come complete with complimentary spurs straps with a rose gold buckle.