A super saddlepads collection is super important right? Who doesn’t love to look at a big pile of colourful saddlepads piled up in the tack room. We do! However, for practical purposes it is more important than just having a beautiful design for every season. If you compete in all disciplines you do of course need a wide variety of saddlepads. Here at Luxeequine as an equestrian fashion brand our saddlepads are always changing.

Shapes and Styles

Our shapes remain the same but our fashions change each season – so watch this space.

We have the usual suspects in terms of shapes. From Close contact – CC, dressage to GP – general purpose we aim to have something for everyone.

We also know that everyone has different favourites in terms of looks and fabrics. We aim to accommodate all of the different preferences each season. From a variety of colour options so that your favourite colours for your pony or horse are available. Through to offering a variety of prints and textures. As well as offering different fabrics because whereas some people love a smooth sateen this doesn’t work for everyone.

Designed in the UK

All of our products are designed in the UK in heart of Cheshire by our expert team. All horse owners themselves we ensure the greatest levels of performance from not only an appearance perspective but from a functionality approach too.

If you want a premium saddlepad, that has been designed with you and your horse in mind then you have come to the right place.

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Stunning Ruby Red Sparkle and Black Saddlepad in GP Style


Stunning Ruby Red Sparkle and Black general purpose saddlepad.

The Numnah has a sparkle edging, delicate rope detailing and the logo is printed on a leather look label with vibrant ruby red stitching this Numnah is a real head turner.

The Beautiful LuxeEquine Numnah is cut with a rounded front edge to fit superbly with jump saddles which tend to be more rounded at the edges and more forward cut. With a range of breathtaking RUBY RED accessories you are sure to turn heads at competitions.