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NEW BSJA Showjumping Whip with Crystals


This beautiful BSJA compliant whip has a stunning sophisticated sparkle panel of crystals.

Complies with all of the latest rulings in the BSJA handbook for 2020.

Add this superb leather whip to your kit. Ideal for home or show use.


BSJA Blue Jumping Balou Du Rouet Whip


A beautiful BSJA legal showjumping whip.

Adheres to ALL BSJA new rules for 2020.

Add a pop of colour to your show outfit. Perfect for event riders too who may wish to match their show colours.

Made with premium leather and with an extra grip handle.

The Luxe Equine jumping whip is an essential premium piece of riding equipment.

Perfect for at home or show riding.

68cm length so our longer style.

NEW Hello Sanctos BSJA Legal Showjumping or Event Rider Whip


Perfect Purple Showjumping or eventing whip.

Complies to all of the BSJA standards and the new rules in 2020.

Stunning purple will add a pop of colour to your show day outfit and also perfect for at home use.

Premium durable leather and will last for many years.

Superior grip handle.

NEW Charisma BSJA Legal Showjumping or Event Rider Whip


Super pretty purple jumping whip.

Adheres to the new BSJA whip standards.

Perfect for showjumping or eventing.

Made with premium leather, super durable and will last for years.

Extra grip rubber handle.

The handle on the Charisma whip style is slimmer than our other style of purple whip and it is for those who prefer a slimmer handle more in keeping with other styles of showjumping whip prior to the new rules.

This is a super elegant style.

Showjumping Whip

NEW BSJA legal Milton Burgundy Showjumping Whip


Beautiful burgundy BSJA legal Showjumping whip.

Adheres to ALL BSJA rules for 2020.

Adds a stunning pop of colour to any show outfit. Also ideal for event riders.

Extra grip rubber handle.

Made with premium leather

Perfect for home or show riding and of exceptional quality.

Darley Showjumping Whip

NEW BSJA Darley Showjumping Whip In Burgundy


The super Slim handled Burgundy showjumping whip is incredibly elegant just like its namesake. Luxe Equine whips adhere to all of the new BSJA rules (length of the whip, dimensions of components and weights.)

The Darley Showjumping Whip is 68cm.

Luxe Equine showjumping whips are incredibly popular with professional show jumpers out on the circuit.

This whip is adored due to the slim handle, super easy to hold.

Customers also love the coated handle which gives an extra grip through the innovative fabric.

With a silver keeper on the end ensuring you won’t lose your whip in those crucial moments.

We have a wide variety of availability in terms of colour options.

Our BSJA legal showjumping whips are named to represent famous horses. You don’t get much more famous than the International Darley Stud. We thought this wonderful stallion needed his own whip, a star was born – the Darley Showjumping Whip.

He is in great company check out the names of the other whips in our super BSJA legal Showjumping whip range.