Equestrian bandages are a key part of your horse riding kit.  Bandages look incredibly pretty as part of your horses styling. Luxeequine bandages have a practical reason for existing too in the form of leg protection. Equestrian bandages, or polo wraps as they are often also known are worn for horse riding in order to protect a horse from any kind of injury that could occur, preventing damage on the inside or outside of a horse’s lower leg. Additionally a set of bandages provides support to the fetlocks, tendons and ligaments. Bandages are pivotal in maintaining a healthy, happy horse.

Here at Luxeequine we offer a full variety of bandages in different colours and styles. This is a range that is constantly growing. Our bandages fit all leg sizes and can be cut down to fit the slimmest of legs.

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Super Stunning Ruby Red Bandages


These super stunning sparkle bandages match our ruby red and black saddlepads and our ruby red and black fly veil as well as our ruby red over reach boots. Perfect for matchy matchy fans!

Stunning Black And Silver Sparkle Bandages


Black and Silver and ever so striking. With a range of matching items these bandages are sure to wow.

Perfect for training or show warm up’s.

Matchy Matchy fans are going to love these beautiful silver sparkle bandages.

Extra grip velcro and anti shed glitter.

Fully machine washable and they wash incredibly well.

Our bandages come in one size but should you wish to have less material they can easily be cut down to size using a ruler and sharp scissors.

Stunning Rose Gold Sparkle Bandages


These beautiful bandages are delicately trimmed in stunning rose gold.

The sparkle gives a real wow factor! They will look super with the rest of the rose gold set as there is a full set of matching items available.

Providing ultimate protection for your horses legs whilst looking stunning.

Available in Black and Rose Gold.