Bridle numbers are an essential piece of rider kit. Our dressage number holders are incredibly versatile as they can also be attached to the saddlepad.

All Luxeequine bridle number holders are supplied in a set of two. Additionally the bridle number holders come complete with all numbers needed for both discs.

Specially designed to be dual purpose. They have a smooth bar that is attached to the back and slips through the cheek piece, this fastens with a press stud. The bridle numbers are of premium quality and finished with a super smooth luxurious leather back.

The bridle number holders have a safety pin already inserted. This is for attaching the bridle number holder onto the saddle pad. Luxeequine bridle number holders are also saddlepad number holders (or numnah number holders.)

Luxeequine bridle number holders are available in a complete range of different colours. From glittery bridle number holders for sparkle fans through to plain patent bridle number holders for those who prefer less bling! There is also a patent, Swarovski version for those that like a bridle number holder with a touch of sophisticated sparkle.

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Bridle Numbers, Dressage Number Holders That Attach To The Bridle OR Saddlepad x6 Colour Options

  • They come as a pair and can be attached to your bridle or saddlepad.
  • They come complete with ALL numbers.
  • These stunning number holders offer subtle sparkle and look beautiful with your show colours.
  • Not contravening any British Dressage rules.
  • Our Dressage Number holders come as a pair and with a complete set of numbers for both holders.
  • They attach either to your bridle or to your saddlepad offering complete versatility.


Plain Patent Dressage Discs

Luxe Equine Patent Bridle Numbers


These Beautiful Luxe Equine Bridle Number Holders add a touch of sophistication to any bridle. With a patent leather finish this is a truly stunning number holder.

They come in a set of two all ready for British Dressage.

10cm diameter standard disc size.

We also have a crystal version with swarovski’s.