Royal Blue Riding Breggings

What Are Breggings?

Rider breggings have become increasingly popular in the equestrian world over the past few years. These innovative garments are a hybrid of the comfort of a legging and the heavier weight fabric of a breech. Making them the perfect choice for riders who want to combine style, comfort, and functionality. The main difference between rider…

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Fly Veil

Why You Need Acoustic Ears

As horse owners, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our horse’s comfort and performance. One area often overlooked is the use of acoustic ears in conjunction with a fly veil. Acoustic ears are a type of earplug designed to reduce noise levels while maintaining the ability to hear important sounds such as commands…

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grooming box

Why Do You Need A Grooming Box

The Luxeequine grooming box rose gold and black luxury is a beautiful piece of kit. But and it is often our significant others that may ask this – why do you even need a grooming box? What Is It That Makes A Luxeequine Grooming Box So Special? Well, there are several reasons that a Luxeequine luxury…

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Dark Grey Leggings

What Are Microfleece Riding Leggings?

Have you ever wondered what microfleece riding leggings are about? Or how something ‘micro’ can keep you warm. Well, here is a blog to explain. Have you ever slept under brushed cotton or flannel sheeting? This has made a resurgence in the past few years due to its warming qualities. Brushed cotton is textured cotton…

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