For the past three years LuxeEquine has been building a tribe of like minded lovely horsey customers who have been dealing directly with me the founder to order on social media, and we don’t want to lose the personal service as the website launches so feel free to reach out directly for any help.

LuxeEquine was born because I wanted to find a pair of Rose Gold Stirrups at a reasonable price. I couldn’t understand why having a different colour made them 3 times more expensive from the other brands so I set about creating my own! I’ve often found anything horsey has a huge mark up and why should us horsey crowd have to spend over the odds (isn’t our passion expensive enough!! We all know the answer to that one!) So we started with Stirrups and ensured we checked with British Dressage that they are competition legal – woo hoo!

I’ve worked in the corporate world for 18 years as a product marketer predominantly in luxury brands and so I wanted to bring all of that experience and design and curate beautiful things for our four legged favourites at super prices.

So that’s how LuxeEquine was born! We love to hear from you so keep the messages coming, and let me know if we’re missing something you’d love to see!

Lots of love
Amanda x